Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why not Valentine's Day?

People have been asking me, "If you're Mr. Holidays, why aren't you doing anything for Valentine's Day?"

I actually like Valentine's Day, and I have especially fond memories of it in grade school. But right now, my focus is directed toward three major holidays: Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. Why these holidays to start? Because I can decorate outside and share my passion with the community, particularly the kids. And at this stage of my nascent holiday career, I just don't think Valentine's Day is all that conducive to outdoor displays. However, as Pee Wee-in-the-womb Holidays begins to grow up, I may just have to reconsider; that is, if he's interested at all in my bizarre pastime.

In the meantime, Grandmother Holidays has taken it upon herself to bring the Valentine's Day spirit. Hanging outside her door is an eye-catching Valentine's Day sign, a sign that she believes is far superior to the rest of the decorations on the 3rd floor of her retirement community. I'll try and take a picture here pretty soon.

...64 days till Easter decorating begins.

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