Thursday, January 19, 2012

Easter preparations have begun

Last week, Mother-in-law Holidays, aka "CFO" of holiday operations, generously purchased three dozen plastic eggs of various colors, a bunch of battery-operated tea lights, and three large plastic eggs with designs on the exterior. I will be hanging these plastic eggs on an outdoor cherry tree, which I plan on converting into an Easter Egg Tree come late March.

Today, Mrs. Holidays, Pee Wee-in-the-womb Holidays, the CFO, and I took a trip to a local Michaels in order to scope out the nascent Easter decorations. We saw a lot of neat things, and I may have even spotted a potential door sign for Grandmother Holidays. I ended up purchasing a plastic egg garland that could accent a basket under the Easter Egg Tree.

I took a couple of quick pics of the garland and the large plastic eggs. I'm thinking tea lights strategically placed in a few eggs might make for a luminous touch on one of the last nights leading up to Easter. But, we'll have to wait and see. It's still very early in the planning stages.

...66 days till decorating begins.

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