Sunday, March 4, 2012

Work Weekend Update

Yesterday, Mrs. Holidays and Mother-in-Law Holidays kindly helped me string together over 90 eggs. I plan on doing some more work later today.  We took a couple of pics yesterday, and we will probably take one or two more today, then I'll post them all together.

In related news, Mother-in-Law Holidays hinted that she might allow me to start decorating outside a few days before the 25th, which would be very exciting.  Also, I have decided to forgo decorating the cherry tree in the front yard, and will instead turn my focus to an adjacent wooden arbor & surrounding foliage. After much thought and consultation with Mother-in-Law Holidays, I just don't think the cherry tree is a practical option.

So, for this year, it will be an Easter Egg Arbor instead of an Easter Egg Tree. Stay tuned.

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