Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Big Bang

In the Beginning...

                                                            View from the front

                                                           View from the back

                                                           View from the right side

                                                           View from the left side

All in all, I hung 93 plastic eggs on the arbor this afternoon. Long-suffering Mother-in-Law Holidays was an eyewitness. Mrs. Holidays stayed at home to catch some precious Z's after a long night of false labor contractions.

Tomorrow, I will be putting out some solar-powered ground lights that Mother-in-Law Holidays purchased at Walmart. Grandmother Holidays should be present and ready to supervise. Then, I still have about 90 more eggs to hang around surrounding branches and bushes. When I do that will depend on PWIW Holidays' imminent arrival.

As I was hanging the eggs today and while Mother-in-Law Holidays was hard at work trimming bushes to prepare Easter Bunny Cove, several people drove by, slowed down and smiled. One young mother walking her baby in a stroller suggested that we needed some lights to add to the display. Mother-in-Law Holidays told her "Just come back," then proceeded to go inside and put a cold, wet towel on her forehead (Don't kid yourself, she loves every second of it).

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