Thursday, February 2, 2012

Trip to Michaels and a new Valentine's Day decoration sighting

Mrs. Holidays, PWIW Holidays, and I stopped by Michaels to see if any new Easter decorations had arrived. There were a few, new knick-knacks. Two bundles of plastic eggs wrapped in netting caught my eye in particular. I may buy them, but I or Mother-in-Law Holidays will check back with the Goodwill store first, where she purchased 39 plastic eggs at a great price a few weeks ago. Either way, I'm planning to scatter a bunch of plastic eggs underneath the Egg Tree and surrounding bushes when the time comes.

Also, last night, while I was doing my usual 45 minute walk in the neighborhood, I noticed another house with Valentine's Day decorations. This house had a big heart wreath hanging on its front door. Seems like I'm seeing more Valentine's Day decorations out this year. Perhaps it's a promising sign for Easter.

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