Sunday, February 12, 2012

Home Goods surgical strike

Yesterday, Grandmother Holidays and I visited a couple of stores in search of Easter decorations. First, we visited Home Goods, which had a treasure trove of Easter goodies. I bought a beautiful egg wreath (pictured) that I will incorporate in our outdoor display. Grandmother Holidays spotted a pink, glittery Easter door sign but couldn't quite pull the trigger. I told her that we could always come back after visiting Michaels.

We then drove over to Michaels, but there was nothing new. A few weeks ago, I had spotted a potential door sign for her but held off so that she could decide for herself. This time, with her present, I pointed her to the various signs, and without any prompting at all, she was drawn to the same sign. After closely analyzing it, she asked what I thought. I asked her if she preferred this one or the Home Goods sign. After further contemplation, she decided on the Home Goods sign, so we drove back and bought it. I will take a picture when she hangs it on her door after Valentine's Day.

All in all, we had a fun time together, and I could sense that her anticipation is growing for the Easter holiday.

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