Saturday, October 19, 2013

Progress Report

Lately, in preparation for Round 1 of Trick or Treat on Friday, I've been doing the following:

  • progressively removing the pre-haunt yard decorations. The neighbors are probably wondering what's happened to them.
  • cutting down low-lying, leafy branches around the property for the pathway portion of the yard display. Toddler Holidays has been very helpful carrying branches around.
  • decorating the two artificial trees. Toddler Holidays has handed me many ornaments to hang.
  • decorating the bouquet basket
  • cutting down withered flowers in the graveyard
  • getting a head count from the two Goodwill chapters who will be coming on Friday. One will be bringing 7 residents and 3 staff members. I haven't gotten a head count from the other yet.
Here's what's on the itinerary this week:

  • Monday & Wednesday- Take down the final pre-haunt decorations and trim the plants in the graveyard area
  • Thursday- Build the pathway display, set up the tombstones, and mow the front yard. I'll take pictures.
  • Friday- Prepare & lay out bouquets, set out and hang lanterns, prepare the lights, set up the fog machine, pick up Grandmother Holidays, cue the music, and dump the leaves. Goodwill shows up at 6:30. I'll take pictures and video.

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