Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easter Bunny Cove Recap

Overall, I would deem my first outdoor Easter display a success.  With the area that I was allotted to decorate, I think I maximized the space as far as egg quantity, color distribution, and light coverage were concerned.  I was especially pleased with how well the eggs performed during some strong winds, and I particularly liked the effect of the solar ground lights.

Mother-in-Law Holidays was extremely generous to fund much of the project, as well as to host the inaugural display on her property. Father Holidays and Stepmother Holidays were generous to donate 12 fuzzy eggs as well.

I was excited to do some of the work with Baby Holidays looking on in his car seat. Next year, God willing, he should be walking and maybe even hanging an egg or two.

Of course, there's always room for improvement. For example, I was disappointed in the blue jars at night. While beautiful during the daylight hours, they did not shine enough at night. I think my error was the fact that I spray painted the jars with a satin finish, instead of a gloss finish. This made them more opaque. Lesson learned.  I was also disappointed in my photos, though this was largely due to an old camera.  However, this problem has now been rectified.

Finally, I'm hopeful that Mother-in-Law Holidays will allow me to enlarge my decorating radius next year. If I can spread some of the decorations to the front yard, in addition to the side yard, they will draw a greater number of eyes from two separate streets. This year was a trial run so to speak, and rightfully so. Hopefully, Easter Bunny Cove performed well enough to earn a promotion.

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